The mission and values of the RREC


Promotion and introduction of advanced ideas, policies, standards and best practices to ensure environmental quality and sustainable development of Russia by providing information dialogue and implementing practical actions.

The Russian Regional Environmental Centre carries out its activities on the basis of the following

  • Development and strengthening of intersectoral cooperation
  • Development of the civil society
  • Cooperation of Russia with the European Union and the international community
  • Integrated approach to solution of environmental and social issues


Inspiration by Vocation

Inspiration by the vocation of nature conservation and arrangement of the life of the society in conformity with the Nature's law is an essential factor determining all our activities.


The structure of the management bodies, statute and internal norms ensure the openness of the information about the RREC activities and transparency of financial streams. The high level of managerial and financial supervision deserves a special mention; it is based on stringent requirements to the transparency of reports set by the RREC, among other things, by regular financial audits.


The deserved reputation and good name are a pledge of successful activities of the RREC. Providing expert support, serving as a mediator between parties in conflict of interests, the Russian Regional Environmental Centre is always guided by the principle of impartiality. The reputation of the RREC permits different parties to address the Centre as a source of objective and independent assessment, as an unbiased third party.


By implementing projects, providing consulting and implementing other types of activities the RREC acts as a player within a competitive environment, and high quality standards of its deliverables is a compulsory condition for the existence of the organisation, its competitive edge, a part of its image and an object of professional pride for its employees.


Active involvement of the RREC in decision making relating to international environmental policy at the global, subregional and bilateral levels

The Russian REC participates in different international processes in a number of cases playing the role of a secretariat. The RREC is invited by international organisations to take part in large-scale environmental projects and fulfils coordination role by strengthening the dialogue on essential environmental challenges.

Participation of the RREC in decision making relating to national environmental policy

The Russian Regional Environmental Centre participates in development of conceptual documents and draft regulatory acts by contributing its gained international experience. The RREC organizes extensive discussion of acute environmental issues and the reforms carried out in Russia; it also contributes to the international cooperation of the Russian Federation in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Influence of the RREC on regional and local environmental policy

Taking into account the interests of Russian regions, the Russian REC disseminates information and carries out practical projects aimed at introducing best international and Russian practices and attracting investments into environmentally friendly projects and actions.


Sustainability of the Organisation

Independence and sustainability of the RREC is ensured by expansion of the fields of its activities, including an increase in the proportion of its practical activities in Russia and diversification of sources of financing.

Development of the Organisation's Capacity

Organisational development, prompt response to the changing environment, improvement of management, upgrading of professional and personal skills of employees are a guarantee for the success of the organisation as a whole.