"Russian Regional Environmental Centre can play an important role in raising attention towards environmental issues and strengthening environmental civil society"

Margot Wallstrцm, EU Commissioner on environment in 1999-2004

Environmental technologies

Europe's Environment: An Assessment of Assessments

13/09/2011 Europe's Environment: An Assessment of Assessments (EE-AoA) takes stock of the existing European environmental assessment landscape, particularly in the fields of water and related ecosystems and the green economy, and asks whether these are appropriate to support the policy process given the complex interconnected nature of the environmental challenges faced today.

Regulatory environmental programme implementation network (REPIN)

Fifth Annual Meeting of the NIS Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network.16-18 October, 2003, Kiev, Ukraine

АСЕАН будет охранять дикую природу

24/10/2005 В рамках Ассоциации государств Юго-Восточной Азии (АСЕАН) создано Агентство по охране дикой природы. Такое решение было принято на встрече представителей АСЕАН в Бангкоке, сообщает малайзийская газета "Нью Стрэйтс Таймс".