"Russian Regional Environmental Centre can play an important role in raising attention towards environmental issues and strengthening environmental civil society"

Margot Wallstrцm, EU Commissioner on environment in 1999-2004

Legislation and law inforcement

Member of the Public Chamber Vladislav Grib offers legal advice to citizens and NCB

14/04/2008 Member of the Public Chamber of Russia, the chairman of the public organization "All-National Union of human rights" Man and the Law ", Ph.D., associate professor Vladislav Grib offers legal advice.

Government Decree Containing Procedure for JI Projects Adoption and Review of Their Implementation In Russia Has Been Adopted

31/05/2007 On 28 May 2007 Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Fradkov signed the Government Decree containing the Statute on adoption and review of realisation of JI projects under Article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol.

The Russian Government is taking steps to restrict combustion of associated petroleum gas.

25/04/2007 Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia has decided to strengthen penalties for combustion of associated petroleum gas